Custom Kitchens

Improve Your Kitchen's Functionality and Style

Improve Your Kitchen's Functionality and Style

Get kitchen remodeling services in Alexandria, VA or a surrounding area

Storage space is a kitchen essential. If you're tired of cramming all your pots and pans into one cabinet or cluttering your countertops with appliances, look into kitchen remodeling services. Peter White Remodeling can improve your kitchen based on your budget and needs.

Our custom kitchen remodeling team in Alexandria, VA can also...

  • Demolish walls to open up your kitchen
  • Replace outdated light fixtures to shed light on your modern space
  • Install high-end cabinets and countertops to impress your dinner guests

How would you like to get started? Contact us today to discuss your custom kitchen remodeling goals.

See the difference with custom kitchen remodeling

We've remodeled countless homes in Alexandria, VA and surrounding areas. Browse the before and after photos on this page to see what our clients' kitchens look like today.

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